Fragment-Driven Natural Language Interaction with Databases

Abstract || CIDR 2020

Christopher Baik


Constructing Expressive Relational Queries with Dual-Specification Synthesis

Short Paper || CIDR 2020

Christopher Baik, Zhongjun Jin, Michael Cafarella, and H. V. Jagadish

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Disambiguating Natural Language Queries with Tuples

Short Paper || CAST 2019 @ VLDB

Christopher Baik, Zhongjun Jin, and Michael Cafarella

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Bridging the Semantic Gap with SQL Query Logs in Natural Language Interfaces to Databases

Long Paper || ICDE 2019

Christopher Baik, H. V. Jagadish, and Yunyao Li

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Demonstration of a Multiresolution Schema Mapping System

Demo || CIDR 2019

Zhongjun Jin, Christopher Baik, Michael J. Cafarella, H. V. Jagadish, and Yuze Lou


Beaver: Towards a Declarative Schema Mapping

Short Paper || HILDA 2018 @ SIGMOD

Zhongjun Jin, Christopher Baik, Michael J. Cafarella and H. V. Jagadish